Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wader Spectacular....Southport.

This week I was able to visit the Lancashire Coast at Southport where I hadn't been for a month or so. The early afternoon high tides were over nine metres which meant the waders would be pushed off the beaches onto some of their favoured roosting areas. The weather was good with a light offshore wind and excellent light conditions for camera action with the waders.
I eventually discovered where the waders were roosting and for an hour or so I witnessed what can only be described as a wader spectacular as the birds flew in to their favoured roosting site. I didn't attempt to count the huge flocks of birds which for the most part were made up of knot and bar tailed godwit , with some dunlin and sanderling.  There was also a separate large flock of oystercatchers in the same vicinity and all these birds gave me endless opportunities to obtain some decent images of the spectacle before me.  I have shown some images above but these can hardly convey the overwhelming sight of the thousands of birds present. More images may be uploaded in my next posting to try and do justice to this memorable event.


  1. I know what you mean about watching huge flocks of waders - exhilarating.

  2. What a fantastic site to see,lovely images.

  3. Carol. Yes it was a wonderful experience and all for free !!! Thanks for looking.

    JR and Sue. Thanks for looking and nice comments.

  4. Yes, better in real life than all your BBC Wildlife Films. Great photography as always Brian, keep it up as apart from the enjoyment of viewing your efforts I'm fast running out of stock. Take care.


  5. Hi Dude,

    Really, you have created a nice site about wildlife. Waders, called shorebirds in North America are members of the order Charadriiformes, excluding the more marine web-footed seabird groups. Thanks a lot....

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