Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Kingfisher Close

Kingfisher Close..... Sounds a bit like a street name in a new housing development !!! .... but no this was my experience when I visited Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve at Rufford yesterday. I had visited last week ( see previous entry ) when I had enjoyed super views of kingfisher and young, but they never came close and kept their distance some sixty to seventy yards away from the hide.
Yesterday however was better in that the kingfishers did come much closer and briefly gave outstanding views as they perched on posts close to the Rufford Hide. I spent a total of five and a half hours in the hide and in that time the kingfishers only came close about five times and you had to be constantly at the ready with trigger finger on the camera. Other birdwatchers and photographers arrived through the afternoon and as always were delighted for views of the kingfisher. For one gentleman it was his very first sighting and he went away a happy man.
The time seems to pass very quickly when engrossed in watching and photographing kingfishers but  it had been very worthwhile with some great views of this most colourful of birds. It is always nice to share these experiences with others and I am sure I will return soon and once again enjoy one of Britain's most sought after and photographed birds.


  1. Fabulous images Brian - I am very jealous!!!

  2. A good result for your lengthy time in the hide, indicating your determination which I admire......a man after my own heart.

    Well done Brian.

  3. Matt and Pete. Thanks for looking and your very kind comments.

  4. Cracking Kingfisher close ups, I've not even seen one this year yet.