Friday, 7 August 2009

Fishers of Mere Sands

Yesterday found me back again at Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve at Rufford. The weather was good and another warm and pleasant day was promised. Fishing conditions were ideal with good light and little or no wind. The Rufford Hide was well occupied when I arrived with three other photographers already in position but still with room for one or two more. It was a busy day with lots of comings and goings as people enjoyed the late summer weather.
The kingfishers as usual favoured the posts well away from the hide but did come and pose for the assembled lenses from time to time. This time I managed some shots of the birds with fish which seems to make for a better photograph as these beautiful birds live up to their name. Late afternoon the kingfishers departed but a couple of herons appeared on the scene and one young bird came close to the hide giving super views in the late afternoon sunshine. Whilst I was there  the heron failed to capture any fish despite the clear and settled conditions but maybe these young birds are still at the learning stage. I decided to head for home having enjoyed another super sunny afternoon at Mere Sands Wood.


  1. Cracking captures of the Kingfisher Brian.

  2. Crackers again Brian - seems that little reserve is worthy of the hours you are putting in!

  3. Fantastic Kingfisher images Brian.