Thursday, 2 July 2009

Still Waiting

I am still waiting for a close encounter with the long eared owl that I have been visiting recently with friend Paul. After another very hot day yesterday, I again met up with Paul at the spot high up on the moors where we had previous sightings of the owl.  It was still very warm and close even over one thousand feet above sea level,but recent rain had passed over and the prospects were encouraging. Lack of a breeze meant that for a time we were yet again plagued by the midges despite liberal applications of repellant. Before owl time[ which seems to be around 9-9.30pm] we could hear the constant reeling song of a grasshopper warbler. It was a different matter however to see the bird and once again we didn't connect with this very elusive warbler.
It was to be yet another frustrating evening with only one brief sighting of the long eared owl as it flew across a distant bit of moorland and it didn't come our way. As always though it was an enjoyable evenings get together and I am sure that sooner or later we will enjoy some wonderful close up views  of this magnificent bird. The images show yesterday's sunset and moonrise and an earlier flight shot of mine and another of Paul's stunning close up shots when he happened to be in the right place at the right time.


  1. I remember once I met owl in the woods. I was lucky I had camera, so I took some shots.
    Well later I walked many times near that place, but I had never met owl again since that time.
    It seems that birds have very good memory...

  2. Tell me about trying to locate grasshopper warblers - very difficult indeed!

    Good luck with the LE owl, I'm sure you'll catch him eventually. When did you take the photo on today's blog? Stunning.

  3. Mistlethrush. I presume you are meaning the close up LEO image?? This was taken a week or so ago by a friend Paul. So far I haven't got near enough for close ups but I will !!! Had a quick look at your blog... very very good and I will be following with interest.