Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Farewell to the flycatchers

It was the end of June and it had been a very hot month. It was best to avoid the midday sun if at all possible and that is what I had been doing. However I had decided on an afternoon visit to have a last look at the spotted flycatchers,which had given me so much pleasure on previous visits. It was indeed still very hot and the tar was popping on the country lanes as I drove along. I duly arrived at the beautiful location where the flycatchers had made their summer home near to the village of Abbeystead in the Forest of Bowland.
I didn't have long to wait for the flycatchers to appear and they duly posed and performed for me, almost within touching distance at times. As it was so hot there was a superabundance of insects for the flycatchers to feed their hungry youngsters, well hidden nearby. After an hour or so I was very well pleased with my efforts and decided to bid farewell to these lovely birds. I had found them to be confiding and cooperative and they hadn't been unduly bothered by my prescence. I had decided this would be my last visit and to leave them in peace in their beautiful surroundings. The images show the spotted flycatchers with beaks full of insects and some of the wonderful Bowland scenery nearby.


  1. Stunning shots of the flycatchers, great blog, Kathy.