Saturday, 24 October 2020

Spoonbills at RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh

 Lancashire is currently in the highest zone of coronavirus restrictions.This will mean it is going to be difficult to obtain images as non essential travel is not encouraged and it may not be easy to provide new images for the blog.For the time being I will post images obtained before the recent restrictions.

I heard of three spoonbills at a local RSPB Reserve at Hesketh Bank not too far from home.When I arrived I could see the spoonbills in the distance.Hesketh Out Marsh is a saltmarsh part of the larger Ribble Estuary Nature Reserve.A lot of work has been carried out over recent years to make the area more attractive particularly to waders and wildfowl.It was a cold and windy day at this very exposed spot.

Eventually the young spoonbills did come closer and I was pleased with the images some of which you can see below.Eventually the weather deteriorated and drizzly rain arrived and I left for home.Hope you enjoy my efforts below and thanks for looking in.

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