Saturday, 22 February 2020

Egrets...Mere Sands Wood

The weather is still very disturbed following Storm Dennis which left many parts of the country suffering from severe flooding.Lancashire escaped the worst of the weather although there has been a lot of rain and the ground is saturated.Today the sun is shining which is a rare treat although the wind is still very strong.There may be more rain on the way!!!

Despite the bad weather I did manage to get out with the camera and I visited Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve where I hadn't been for some time.It was nice to enjoy the comfort of the hides sheltered from the strong and cold winds.I was hoping for some action from the grebes at the Cyril Gibbons hide but there was only one bird present.There were ducks present and I enjoyed taking images of gadwall,goosanders and shovelers which can be seen below.The highlight of the day however was the presence at the Rufford hide of a great white egret.

I spent the rest of my time photographing the great white and a little egret.Both egrets were very active and were catching mostly small fish.It was good to compare these two egrets and particularly the size which is shown well in the first image.It was nice to spend time with this uncommon visitor to Mere Sands Wood and I hope it stays around for more people to enjoy.I left in more unpleasant wet and windy weather.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon and hopefully so will better weather.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Snowdrops..Dippers and a Barn Owl

The weather recently has been very much up and down with little settled weather.There have been one or two drier and settled days and I have managed to get out with the camera.I decided to visit the Brock Valley where I hadn't been for a few years to see if I could catch up with some dippers.I began at the car park feeding station where there was plenty of action from the usuals.I have shown a very colourful male pheasant and a nuthatch of which there were numerous.

I then went for a walk downstream to try and find some dippers.No luck with the dippers but the snowdrops were in abundance and were a good sign that Spring was not too far away.What was nice however was a grey wagtail which showed nicely on the riverside rocks.I then went to another stretch of  the River Wyre near Scorton where there was a good chance of dippers.This move paid off and I managed some nice images of this super little bird actively looking for food and providing nice opportunities for the camera.

The last venue of the day was the barn owl location that I have visited many times through the winter months.This visit coincided with some wonderful late afternoon sunshine providing the golden light favoured by photographers.Both barn owls were out hunting and I was able to obtain some very nice images of the owls hunting and posing on perches which I had provided some time ago.It was a wonderful conclusion to an interesting day out and one were I achieved my objective of images of the dippers.Hope you enjoy the images and hopefully I will be back when the latest storm Dennis makes way for some better weather.

Friday, 31 January 2020

Brexit Day..31.1.2020. Blog Update

At last Brexit has arrived as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union later today.I am just updating my blog for January 2020. It has not been good for photography this month with many days of anticyclonic gloom and I have not had many excursions with the camera.Of course I did manage a few excursions mainly to the Cockerham and Pilling areas which does seem to have been my patch over the Winter months.It never disappoints and the usual subjects of geese and barn owls feature in the images below.

A couple of trips to the coast at Fleetwood and Blackpool were made to see the snow buntings that were on the shore at Fleetwood and the starling roost at Blackpool North Pier.The images give a bit of variety to the blog but I look forward to more coastal visits soon to catch up with the winter visitors.The fourth image shows a large gull present at Pilling.I am not good at gull identification and am unsure as to it's identity.There has been a Caspian Gull and a Scandanavian Herring Gull in the area and it may be one of those.I await the id from a knowledgable friend of mine.

The mornings and afternoons are now getting lighter and it will be nice in February to get out more.All we need now is more sunshine and Spring will well and truly be on it's way.Thanks for looking in and I will be back post Brexit with more from my travels.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

New Year 2020..Highlights

Belatedly some highlights from my trips out over the New Year period.The weather was a bit up and down but there were a few drier and brighter days when I could get out with the camera.It was good to get out and return to normality after the festive season.I spent a bit of time with the barn owls which have kept me busy recently and obtained some nice images, one of which heads this post.I travelled the usual back roads and lanes in the Cockerham and Pilling areas to see what was about.

Swans and geese were showing well and a number of Bewick's Swans were on view down Moss Lane in with the numerous Whooper swans.Eagland Hill was popular with birdwatchers who had come from far and wide to see the purple heron which was enjoying the area close to Jenkinson's potato farm and it's numerous field voles.One of my images below shows the heron with one of many voles it has caught.It is still around as I write enjoying the abundance of food.

Curlews,a grey heron,a common buzzard,kestrel and a robin posed for the camera in the Cockerham area.The post finishes with a couple more of the barn owls which have given me much pleasure over the last month or so.I now look forward to more days out as the days lengthen and it warms up as Spring is hopefully on it's way. Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon with more delights from Lancs.