Friday, 17 May 2019

Stonechats.. Longridge Fell.

On my recent travels around Longridge Fell I have come across some stonechats.These beautiful little birds can often be seen perching in prominent positions and announcing their presence with their distinctive calls.They are a lovely little bird to photograph and I was lucky to be able to capture some nice images of the stonechats.The stonechat is the favourite bird of a birdwatching friend and I hope he has a look at my blog and enjoys my efforts with the camera to capture these handsome residents of the fells.

It is a lovely time to be out and about in our springtime countryside when everything is at it's best.This has been helped by the wonderful warm and dry conditions of late.Lots of insects and grubs this Spring to feed the many little mouths.I have also shown some images of a singing robin,willow warbler,curlew and lapwing.The curlew is sadly in decline due mainly to loss of habitat and farming practices.I must say I have noticed a lack of curlews this Spring in my travels.The final images show orange tip butterfly on a dandelion,bluebell and a couple showing the local scenery from Longridge Fell. Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon with more from my travels.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Great Crested Grebes

I think I have taken more images of Great Crested Grebes over the years than any other bird.Now that I am able to get about more I have been able to visit locations where I have previously enjoyed looking at and photographing grebes.It is that time of the year when they perform their elaborate courtship and mating rituals.I visited a location not far from home where there had been recent activity from the grebes.

The weather although cold was ideal for photography with brilliant spring sunshine to light up the activity.The grebes were nest building and mating close to a quiet country lane.It was possible to be concealed from the grebes and they went about their business without being disturbed.Shown below are a sequence of images showing the grebes mating,nest building and I was pleased to see on my last visit that one egg had been laid.

I will of course be visiting on a regular basis and hopefully more eggs will be laid and eventually the baby grebes will be seen out and about riding on their mother's back and being fed by their father.So if all goes well I will be able to bring you more images of these delightful birds.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Back in Action

It has been four months since I last published a blog.I have been out of action following further hip surgery.I am now bionic having had two new hips since July 2018!! I am making a good recovery and am now able to drive again.This has meant that at long last I have been able to get out and about with the camera to record Lancashire's wonderful wildlife.

I am not yet able to go far and so have made a few visits to the Longridge and Grimsargh areas which are just a few miles up the road.Shown below are some images from the area of a Great Crested Grebe,Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff,local bluebell woods, broods of mallard and greylag geese and a passage of whimbrel.Good numbers of whimbrel are now passing through on their way to northern breeding grounds.The whimbrel were coming into roost at Grimsargh Wetlands a new reserve being managed by the local Parish Council.

The final images show the sunset and moonset.It was very nice to get back to business again and I am looking forward to more days out at this lovely time of the year.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Barn Owls at Christmas

I began the year with an account of a barn owl. I am finishing the year with another account of barn owls.The weather so far in December has been awful with rain on most days and very dull conditions.Hardly conducive to good photography but there have been a couple of days when conditions have been ok.Around the middle of the month there was a sharp frost followed by blue skies and light winds,the perfect recipe for the barn owls to hopefully come out hunting in good light.

It did indeed turn into a perfect afternoon and I was in position around 1pm awaiting the arrival of the barn owl.I have found that barn owls are very regular as to when they appear and not long after my arrival the barn owl came out to hunt.It was the same location as mentioned in my last post and I was able to photograph and observe this wonderful bird from the comfort of the car.It quartered the small field from time to time and did appear to catch something but a kestrel came along and disturbed it. On some of the images below you can see blood on the owl's beak but the vole escaped to live another day.

This will probably be my last posting this year as it is only a few days now to the Christmas festivities.Thanks to all my followers and I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.I hope to return soon in 2019 with more of Lancashire's wonderful wildlife.