Monday, 21 December 2020

End of An Era

 It is with a heavy heart that after 12 Years of posting to my wildlife photography blog that I have decided to call it a day.I am currently having mobility problems and am finding great difficulty in getting around as I would like.

It has indeed been a wonderful twelve years when I have taken many thousands of images of Lancashire's wonderful wildlife and put the best of these regularly on the blog.In those twelve years I have made 559 postings to my blog.I look back regularly through my work as a wildlife photographer and am very pleased at what I have achieved. It will remain as a legacy to twelve very happy years.

I will still post images to the internet but they will be on my Flickr site.  Thanks for looking in and hope you can continue to keep in touch via Flickr. Enjoy Christmas if you can and keep safe and well in these very difficult times


  1. Oh this is sad news Brian. First of all that you can not go out in nature as you would like. 12 years of showing us your encounters with nature, amazing. Than you also will stop with Blogger that is also sad. You say you are continuing in Flickr. That is also sad (for me) because I am not on Flickr.
    I will miss your blogs!
    For you and your loved ones I wish you Merry Christmas and for 2021 all the best most of all good health and that the virus Corona may be stopped.
    Take care,

  2. Roos.Thanks for your comments and support over recent months.Sorry I am leaving the blogging community but the time has come to call it a day.I will try to follow your work on your blog but in the meantime let's hope for a much much better 2021.Enjoy Christmas and stay safe.

  3. Quite saddened by this Brian, but obviously understand why you have arrived at this decision. I will of course be in touch with you soon. Meanwhile, hope you have a peaceful and Happy Christmas.

    Kind Regards


    1. Pete thanks for your comments.Hopefully I will be able to get out and about in the car and am sure we will bump into each other around Cockerham and Pilling and Bowland of course.Take care Pete and enjoy Christmas and look forward to Spring 2021.

      Best wishes

  4. Thanks for the wonderful photos you have shared with us, stay safe and well and may i wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    1. Thanks for your kind comments.I wish you and yours a happy and healthy Christmas and a much much better 2021.

  5. Sad to hear this news Brian,thanks for all the marvellous moments that you shared with us, over the years>Look forward to seeing your pictures on Flickr!!!!!