Friday, 9 October 2020

Blogging Again

 Think I have sorted things hopefully.This is just a test blog with a few recent images from my visits to the wader roost at Southport.I will be back in business soon with more of Lancashire's wildlife.

Thanks for looking in and stay safe and well.


  1. Brian....Really pleased you are back blogging, I was quite sorry you had decided to give it up.

    The test piks are OK regarding size, and which is what you was unhappy about.

    Take Care Stay Safe, things are getting a mess again.


  2. Glad to see another post of you, and that you did not give up. Great photos!

  3. Pete and Roos.Thanks for your comments and for staying with me.Hopefully I can continue to bring you more images of Lancashire's wonderful wildlife etc.Stay safe and well.

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