Thursday, 7 November 2019

Godwits Galore.

The constant and very heavy rain during October had caused problems for the farmers in the Pilling area.This part of Lancashire is famous for growing potatoes but a lot of the harvest had been lost to the weather.The flooded fields were well under water and many lakes formed in the fields.These conditions however were ideal for the birds and as well as many whooper swans a large flock of black tailed godwits had discovered the bonanza of food available.I came on them by chance whilst driving around the area but local birdwatchers had also seen the large flock and estimated the number of godwits around two and a half thousand birds.

It was indeed an impressive number of birds and I made a couple of visits to the area and took many images of these lovely waders.The weather was bright and sunny when I visited and the birds looked magnificent especially when in the air showing their white wingbars and black and white tail markings.I hope you enjoy my efforts to capture the godwits.They may have dispersed now as I write but more heavy rain today may keep them in the area.You can be sure I will revisit to see if they are still around.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon with more from wild Lancashire.


  1. Wow,fantastic numbers for your camera Brian.I bet that you was in your element, amongst that lot!!!

  2. Wow, that must have been some spectacle! Great shots Brian :)

  3. Wow that is just stunning. I am jalous ;)

  4. Looks realy great! Thanks for the post.
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