Saturday, 27 May 2017

Osprey Update

A while ago I posted about the new osprey site in the Southern Lake District.I have visited again recently to see what progress if any had been made.It is good news that this latest pair of ospreys seems to have mated successfully and the female bird is sat tight on the nest.This would indicate that eggs have been laid and it is now a matter of time to see if they hatch into osprey chicks.

I observed the nest from some distance away so as not to disturb the birds and I will return in a few weeks to see what progress there has been.Whilst observing the nest location the male osprey returned from time to time.I didn't see him bring in any fish for him or his mate I can only hope that  he will be a good fisher when he hopefully has many more mouths to feed.I managed a few shots of the male as he perched up in nearby trees and generally flew around the area.It was nice to see a female roe deer that passed by and posed for it's portrait.

Most of the images are record shots and I hope for better results in a few weeks time when there is more action going on.Currently the weather has been very uncomfortable with very high temperatures and very muggy conditions.A little thunder and rain arrived as I wrote this blog and I am hoping it will cool things down.Most of all this week our thoughts are with the victims and families of those tragically killed in the Manchester terrorist attack.Thanks for looking in.


  1. great sightings Brian - hope you are well

  2. Looks like a great day out Brian,lets hope all goes well with the Ospreys.Your right all are thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families that are suffering from this evil deed.

  3. Nice account Brian,looking forward, of course to more accounts of the Ospreys!