Monday, 17 October 2016

Arrival Of The Pinks

At this time of the year I always look forward to the arrival at Martin Mere of thousands of pink footed geese from their breeding grounds in Iceland.This last week or so this has been happening with favourable weather the geese have made the 600mile journey non stop.This alone is a remarkable feat and it is wonderful to watch them coming into land after their long journeys.The fields at Martin Mere had been cut ready for the geese and they took up many acres on the grasslands and adjoining meres.

It was quite a spectacle to witness.As well as the thousands of wings in the air,it was wonderful to hear the sounds made by the throngs of geese as they headed for their winter quarters on the mosslands of south west Lancs.Of course I was kept busy with the camera and I have tried to capture some of the excitement of this mass arrival.Nothing though can compare with actually being there and there is still time to witness this annual spectacle.I don't think the full quota has yet arrived and more settled weather later this week should bring in more birds.As well as the pinkfooted geese the whooper swans are also due to arrive from Iceland and again although in lesser numbers than the geese they still provide a wonderful spectacle at this time of the year.

Thanks for looking in and hope you enjoy my efforts below at trying to capture the arrival of the geese.It could be a busy time coming up as my next assignment is to photograph the red deer rut at a nature reserve in the Lake District. So call in again  for more accounts and images from my travels.


  1. Yes Brian,one of the great spectacles of the year seeing thousands of pinkfeets arriving on our shores.
    I just love seeing them flying west in their v formations and listening to them calling!

  2. You can almost hear them honking in every shot here, in particular the flight shots Brian....wonderful stuff.

  3. wow, that is a lot of birds, amazing. thank you.