Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wader Roost...Godwits and Knot

As promised in my last posting I am showing a few more images from the wader roost recently visited.Again some images of the knot are shown densely packed together which is always very impressive.The bar tailed godwits tend to be gathered along the tide line and seem to like their feet in the water.However some of the images show the flock of godwits feeding on the beach.I haven't counted the godwits but there would seem to be over a hundred birds which I think is quite an impressive gathering of these elegant waders.A number of the godwits are also showing the red breeding plumage.Cormorants and oystercatchers are shown again and I finish this posting with a few images of the large knot flocks in flight over the incoming tide.

Thanks for looking in.Next time I will be posting more wader images. This time however they will be of curlew sandpipers.This is a scarce migrant visitor to our shores and this week around twenty juvenile curlew sandpipers turned up on the Lune Estuary at Sunderland Point.So tune in again for more from the Lancashire coastline.

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  1. Brilliant set of wader images, my selection is the second Bar-tailed Godwit and the mass coming down out of the sky and on to the sea third from bottom....Wonderful stuff and my Kind Regards Brian.