Thursday, 12 May 2016

Evening Grebes

My latest post features once again great crested grebes.I have made many visits this spring to watch and photograph what is one of my favourite birds.On a couple of occasions I visited in the evening. The wind had dropped and that lovely evening light was evident following fine sunny days.Also I had hoped for a possible sighting of otters as two otters had been seen around the reserve and seem to be making themselves at home.The otters didn't show but hopefully I may be lucky in the future.

The grebes as usual looked magnificent as they went about their fishing sorties on the lake.At times they posed nicely for the camera but didn't catch any fish whilst I was there.I was pleased however to get an image of the grebe just about to dive under and there was also a nice reflection of this event.The other shots also showed nice reflections of the grebes and surrounding colours from bankside vegetation.Hope you enjoy my latest efforts and my next postings will probably be of another of my favourite subjects,waders.Good numbers of waders have been showing at high tide roosts on the Ribble Estuary and I have managed to capture the action before they depart for Arctic breeding grounds.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the continuing wonderful weather.


  1. Wow some gorgeous light there Brian!....glad that you made the effort to get down in the evening,thanks for sharing mate!!!!!

  2. Fabulous photographs Brian. I could sit and look at them all day if I had chance!