Friday, 6 November 2015

Swans, Geese and a Barn Owl

This week I have again visited the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Reserve at Martin Mere.This time I concentrated on the Whooper Swans which were on the pool in front of the Hale Hide.The weather was still pleasantly warm for November and the swans were flying in to preen and bathe.I was pleased with some of the action shots which you can see above.Pink footed geese were also coming in to feed on the potatoes left nearby.

Afterwards I left mid afternoon to look for any barn owls in the area.It had been some time since I had seen any and I had heard reports of a bird not far from Martin Mere.I couldn't believe my luck when a barn owl flew across the road in front of me.It had appeared from some nearby farm buildings .I managed to park up and await it's reappearance.It duly obliged and I managed a few shots of it perched up on some farm machinery.It flew to some nearby cabins and I decided to leave it in peace and return at a later date.I was very pleased to have found this new location occupied by a barn owl and you can be sure I will return soon .Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend despite the currently very unsettled weather.


  1. Another excellent selection of Whooper Swans flying in and bathing, PFG dropping in to feed, and the Barn Owl perched on farm machinery, the best of which for me is the bird landing on the hut.

    Nice work Brian.

  2. Nice to find the barn owl brian and of course great shots of the swans and geese!
    We,ll have a trip out soon mate...looking forward to meeting up!!!

  3. Beautiful pics Brian, specially with water splashes.

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