Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Up In The Blue

As the excellent weather continued last week I decided on another visit to the Cumbrian ospreys.It was very warm and I decided therefore to climb up into the forested hillsides  above the lake where there would be some refreshing breezes.It turned out to be a good decision as there were excellent views of four ospreys enjoying the excellent conditions as they spent the afternoon soaring and displaying up in the blue skies above.They would from time to time fly over the location where I was concealed keeping an eye on me in case I ventured anywhere near to where they were nesting deep in the forested hillside.

Buzzards and a sparrowhawk were also about but were seen off by the vigilant ospreys.I enjoyed the spectacle for a couple of hours or so.Then late afternoon  the ospreys decided it was time to go and look for food in some of the many lakes and tarns in the area .It had been a very interesting and enjoyable session and once again I managed a few images for my growing portfolio of osprey shots.Next time I visit the young should be well advanced and I look forward to some more action from these very special and iconic birds. Thanks for looking in and keep tuned for more from the Cumbrian ospreys.


  1. Brilliant images Brian, and a good shout to get higher. I believe they are not nesting down by the Lake this year, we are up in the Lakes in a couple of weeks, if they are still here will pay them a visit.

  2. Brilliant images of the Pandion. You have a great blog, I will follow you!
    This is mine:
    Wish you like it!

  3. The blue sky as a background to these magnificent birds make these outstanding images Brian,well worth the climb to get images like these well done.