Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wader Roost

A couple of weeks ago there was a ten metre tide.The big tides are always good for watching wader roosts as the birds are pushed up the beach within range of the big lens.I went to the Southport area to one of my favourite wader watching spots.Mike accompanied me on this occasion and we were to enjoy a fabulous spectacle as the thousands of birds came into the roost.A bonus was the fact that there was very little disturbance from people or dogs and the flocks of birds performed well for the camera.

The usual knots and dunlin were well represented as were many oystercatchers.What was good was the numbers of bar tailed godwits and grey plover present, I was very pleased with the godwit flock shots.I have shown above action shots from the day, which was bright and sunny, giving ideal conditions for flight photography. I hope to return to the same area in a couple of weeks when ten metre high tides again should provide more opportunities for the camera.Thanks for looking in and keep tuned for more accounts of Lancashire's wildlife.

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  1. It certainly looks cold, but great to see the waders in good numbers.