Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Gathering Of Goosanders

Don't think there is a collective noun for a group of goosanders but I think a gathering sounds about right. Around this time of the year Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve at Rufford plays host to numbers of goosanders. This is no doubt due to the healthy population of fish to be found in the meres at the reserve. So it was this week that I visited Mere Sands mid week on a couple of occasions when the weather was excellent. Following early frost the days turned out to be lovely and sunny with little or no wind and feeling very pleasant in the sun.

There were sixteen goosanders present enjoying the winter sunshine.From a photographic point of view they were not easy to approach and for the most part kept well away from the hides. The long lens came in very handy and I was able to obtain some reasonable images of these handsome birds.I didn't see them catch any fish and they spent most of their time preening and enjoying the very nice weather.

I have posted above my better images from the day and I may return in due course to see if I can do better. Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend. Looks like a taste of winter might be on the cards. More from Lancashire's wildlife soon. 


  1. Great work on the Goosanders Brian, collectively known as....'A Dopping of Goosanders'.

    Regards Pete.

  2. Pete. Thanks for that...' A Dopping of Goosanders ' a new one on me.

  3. Impressive numbers of Goosanders on the Mere Brian,with a glorious sunset to finish.