Friday, 17 October 2014

Salmon Arrival

As mentioned in my previous posting,this week I was hoping to see if the Autumn salmon had arrived.I am pleased to report that the recent rains had indeed encouraged the fish to start running the rivers. I made a couple of visits this week to a Cumbrian river where in previous years I have had success with capturing images as the fish negotiated their way upstream.

It is not easy to capture images as the fish leap to fight their way upstream.It is very difficult to anticipate when the fish may jump and high speed shutter action is required to capture the action as it is over very often even before you have pressed the shutter.Perseverance and very quick reactions will eventually result in some images as the salmon try to get up the falls.This week whilst I was there a reasonable number of salmon were showing and I was very pleased with the results which you can see above.

Other photographers came and went during the day and it was interesting to compare the techniques and equipment we were using to capture the annual salmon run.I will be returning again to witness the spectacle as salmon will continue to come into the river throughout October and November.They will be making their way far upstream to their birthplace up amongst the Cumbrian fells.I hope you enjoy the images above and thanks for looking in. 

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  1. Sorry I haven`t commented on your latest posts Brian,I`ve been very busy on my new project and haven`t even picked a camera up for quite a feew weeks now. Magic images of the leaping salmon,the detail in the first image is impressive.I must get out and about soon as I will be getting jealous after seeing posts like your last few.