Saturday, 10 May 2014

Brown Hares

It has been a week of daily and heavy showers,and is still very showery as I post this blog.Yesterday the heavy showers relented and I was able to get out for a couple of hours for an evening drive around Bowland's quiet lanes.On this occasion I didn't see any deer or owls but there were a few brown hares enjoying the dry weather and enjoying the fresh meadow grasses.

I found a couple of hares feeding close to the road up above Whitewell and I spent some time observing and photographing them.One of the hares had a piece of it's right ear missing probably as a result of an attack by a fox or possibly from fighting with another hare.Both hares spent some time washing and sprucing themselves up after the day's heavy rain.It was like watching a cat washing itself and made for some different images.The best from the evening are shown above and I will be out and about again soon to add to my growing collection of brown hare images.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend. 


  1. You really are putting in the time with the hares Brian.The rewards are all there for us to enjoy,great set!!!

  2. Another great collection of images of the Bowland hares Brian,your portfolio must getting quite large by now.

  3. Great serie fotos , wonderfull