Saturday, 1 February 2014

Pennington Flash

This week I visited Pennington Flash Country Park.I had only visited once before many years ago and remembered the Bunting Hide which was full of birds coming to the many feeders put out for them.I thought this would be a good spot to spend a few hours as the weather forecast was not good and the various hides would provide shelter.
It was not far from the car park to the Bunting Hide and indeed there were many birds on show.In fact it was difficult knowing where to point the lens to get the best images. The light was not good but a higher ISO to give faster shutter speeds should produce the results.I had an hour or so before returning to the car for lunch  and took plenty of shots of the different species on show.The star bird for me at Pennington is the bullfinch and this is probably one of the best places in the North West to photograph this shy and elusive bird.There were also plenty of the commoner birds,blue tits,great tits,long tailed tits,robins etc to photograph.

After lunch I returned for another session in the Bunting Hide and there was a non stop procession of birds coming to the feeders.A couple of great spotted woodpeckers also put in an appearance and despite the very wet conditions I managed a few respectable images of these striking birds.Heavy rain continued for around an hour and after it had stopped I was able to have a quick look at some of the other hides.
Surprisingly one of the staff came to lock the hides just after 3pm and I was thinking of the journey home.
On the way back I met a couple who told me of the whereabouts of a sleepy fox.I found the fox and was able to take some images before it went back to sleep.This was a nice way to end an interesting visit to somewhere different and I am sure a return visit is on the cards in the months ahead.Thanks for looking in and hopefully following my visit to The Wirral this weekend I will have more tales to tell.   


  1. Great shots Brian, like you, its a while since I was at Pennington, living in Penrith makes it a long journey. When I lived in St.Helens I was a regular visitor.
    All the best Gordon.

  2. Lovely to see you today Brian - shame the birds didn;t turn up! Love your account on Penny Flash!

  3. Great close up images Brian,I`ve been after a bullfinch image for what seems ages now,but everthing comes to he who waits.Lovely bonus catching the fox like that.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your day at the flash Brian,some great images of some of our commoner birds.The woodpecker is always a favourite too.Catch up with you soon!