Saturday, 7 September 2013

More Deer

I have made a few visits recently to Leighton Moss to photograph the birds and the red deer. The waders in particular have been excellent and have been showing well down at the marsh hides.One evening after a fruitful session with the waders I moved on to the main part of the reserve and headed for the Grizedale hide.This and the Jackson hide are the best places at Leighton Moss to hopefully see red deer.
It was a lovely warm evening and on entering the hide late was nice to see one or two deer already grazing the grassy areas surrounding the reedbeds. As I and the other photographers waited more red deer emerged from the reedbeds including a couple of young stags with antlers still in velvet.They were aware of our presence but continued on their way around the perimeter of the reedbeds feeding as they went and providing nice opportunities for the camera.Some of my efforts are shown above and I hope you enjoy the results as much as I did in capturing them. My next posting will probably feature some of the many waders that have been showing close to the Eric Morecambe hide in recent weeks.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend.


  1. The other day, when I asked you if there were good photographic opportunities of the Red Deer at LM, you said "yes." These images are the proof! Fantastic close ups of these lovely animals.

    I will definitely be making a trip now.

  2. Wonderful images Brian as always! I'm planning on painting a red deer this month as part of a painting British Wildlife challenge so will have to get up to Leighton Moss to get some inspiration!

  3. Great close up images of the red deer Brian,well worth the effort of an early morning visit.