Saturday, 10 August 2013

Waders and Egrets

I visited Leighton Moss again this week and decided to visit Lower Hide where I hadn't been for some time.I spent an hour or so there but it was extremely quiet and a move was called for.Simon had joined me and we thought a move to the Allen and Morecambe hides would be better.It proved to be a very good decision as on arrival we could see lots of waders in front of the Eric Morecambe hide.There was a large group of black tailed godwits and a group of redshanks together with a number of little egrets.
These birds were very close to the hide and provided some great views and opportunities for the camera.Even better was the summer plumaged spotted redshank in amongst the redshanks.There was also a winter plumaged spot red and I made the best of this opportunity to photograph these lovely birds.
The waders were spooked by a sparrowhawk and this provided a great shot of all the godwits up in the air.The little egrets also came close in their quest for food and again provided nice images of these elegant herons.After a disappointing start it turned into a great session down at the Morecambe hide.Hope you enjoy the images above of the godwits , redshanks and egrets and thanks for lookijng in.


  1. Great shots Brian - whenever we get the chance to go the birds are rarely near the hide but right out! Hopefully next time!

  2. Excelent set Brian, kinda puts mine to shame.
    All the best Gordon.

  3. Stonkin shots Brian,as you know Leighton Moss can be very hit and miss,looks like you hit the jackpot this time.Gorgeous summer plume spotted redshank,a bird very high on my list to photograph!look forward to meeting up Thursday!!!