Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hunting Barn Owls

This last week or so has been very cold with hard overnight frosts.During the day we have enjoyed some winter sunshine but it has remained very cold,ideal conditions to see barn owls hunting.With these conditions they often come out to hunt during the day and can be seen in excellent light mid morning and early afternoon.On one visit these perfect conditions occurred and I enjoyed a memorable session with the owls.Short eared owls were also out hunting but these will be the subject of a future post.What was memorable was the quality of the light just before sunset when golden light flooded the field where the barn owl was hunting.The barn owl at this point flew close to the waiting lenses and the photographers present enjoyed some memorable images.I have shown a few shots from the afternoon.The barn owl is shown sunbathing on a field post and wing stretching prior to hunting.The remainder show this beautiful owl flying low amongst the rough grasses looking for voles.The first images show the owl flying by in the golden glow of the late afternoon sun.Hope you enjoy the images and thanks for looking in.


  1. Can jealousy completely consume a man?

    Only joking, Brian: I have really enjoyed these images, ESPECIALLY the third and fourth which are magnificent. The hunting pose in these two shots is the holy grail, in my opinion!

  2. Tell you what Brian,I,m green with envy!,Quality photography of a quality bird!Should be able to have a meet up over the holiday period!!!

  3. Brian, all so stunning, but my personal favourites are taken in the mid-morning, early-afternoon light....yes, stunning.

  4. Wonderful pictures - we have Barn Owls here as well - or so I'm told!!!

    Great pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Another brilliant set of images of the barn owl Brian,it's great to see these owls flying during the day in all the different light settings.Thank you for sharing.

  6. All stunning images Brian, the light looked amazing, love the last one sat on the post, looking forward to the SEO's

  7. Brilliant, stunning, fantastic!!
    I am jealous!
    I have a colony of barn owl in my woods but I can't get near them... :(
    What a frustration!
    Love to follow your work, Brian!

  8. some real crackers there Brian and love that late evening light... well done that man.