Saturday, 17 November 2012

Owl Week

Gave the waxwings a rest this week and went looking for owls.It proved to be a good decision as I managed to see three species during the week and managed a few reasonable images which you can see below.The mosslands around Pilling are always a favoured area to see owls and this winter there are a few short eared owls about.The barn owls are resident but can be tricky to photograph as they appear late in the day when the light is poor.The little owl was enjoying the sunshine midday and posed nicely in a roadside tree.Hope you enjoy my attempts to capture the action and I will return to the area again as I am always striving for better and more interesting shots of these very special birds. Thanks for looking in.


  1. Great set of quality shots Brian.

  2. Great stuff Brian. My favourite - and best in my opinion - is the third from bottom Barn Owl....Brilliant, with its sharp ghostly round face and blurred wing beats, yes brilliant.

  3. Excellent images Brian, have to agree with Pete on my favourite Just got a tip on where to find Short Ears down here, thats the next challenge, I'm Waxwing'ed out!!