Tuesday, 14 August 2012

More From Rossall

As promised in my last post I am showing a few more images taken on recent trips to Rossall Point at Fleetwood.Again they are showing mainly summer plumaged sanderling. Nice to see them in summer plumage instead of the all white winter plumaged birds which are a common site on the Lancashire coastline.I have also included one or two flight shots of the waders as they moved position as the tide pushed in. I was pleased with the flight shot of the turnstone as it sped past showing again some colourful breeding plumage.A ringed plover is also shown resting and awaiting the tide to turn so it can feed again on the sandy shore.Thanks for looking in and I will recount more from my days out in due course.


  1. Wonderful images from Rossall yet again Brian,I'm like you I can't get enough of these waders and as much as I like them in winter plummage it's nice to get a few images in their summer plummage.

  2. Hi Brian, I think we have all been busy, weather permitting and I am, as always envious of the Kingfisher photos and as always your images from Rossall are a joy to see. We'll catch up soon no doubt, keep up the excellent work.

  3. Hi,
    We live by Rossall School and have a small raptor permanently hovering over the playing-field.
    We've only been here a few months so can't comment about over wintering.
    It's predominantly brown, no obvious light patches.
    Doesn't look like the illustrations of Marsh Harrier which have been noted locally on the RSPB site.
    Maybe next time you're this way you might like a look?