Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Up Close....Sanderling.

Prior to last week's visit to see the barn owls, Martin,Dave and myself had spent time at Rossall Point,Fleetwood watching the high tide wader roost.It was a pleasant day cold but bright and was ideal for some close up work with the roosting sanderling. The sanderling which gather at Rossall Point on a high tide are very confiding and allow a close approach with the camera gear.

We all three had a great time and at times the sanderling came too close for focusing with the big lenses.Dave was trying out a new low level support for his camera which allowed eye level contact with the birds.Both Martin and I were also able to shoot from a low level and get some intimate portraits of these beautiful little waders.

Sanderling are one of my very favourite birds and I am looking forward to returning in a month or so when the birds will be moulting into their colourful breeding plumage prior to their departure to their High Arctic breeding grounds. A few images from hundreds I took are shown above for your enjoyment.


  1. sweet little sanderlings :-) love your photography!

  2. One of my favourites too Brian, a smart little wader and some smart images of them too.

  3. Hi Brian

    First off all, thank you very much for your advice relating to future lens purchases. I do really appreciate it.

    Next, I love these shots and especially the last one with the birds side-by-side.

  4. These low-level close-ups are just exquisite!
    Such pictures could make the delights of nature artists!
    The light is stunning and so are the fine details on the feathers!
    I can only imagine the fun you had!