Friday, 23 December 2011

Season's Greetings

Christmas is now fast approaching and the weather at the moment is not very seasonal. After a brief frosty and snowy day or two it is now more like Spring.Temperatures are in double figures and it always seems to be raining. On a better day last Sunday Kath and I had a walk in the Leighton Moss area.It was a sunny day and was warm in the pleasant and very welcome sunshine.

We had our sandwiches and soup on a seat overlooking the RSPB reserve and it was very pleasant basking in the warm sun. We were visited throughout our stay by tits and robins coming for seeds which had been left for them on nearby fence posts.The birds came very close at times and I just happened to have a telephoto lens with me and was able to capture some nice portrait shots of the visitors.

One of the visitors was a marsh tit,a lovely little bird which I had never had an opportunity to photograph and I managed some nice shots. The robin is an ever present bird when it knows there is food about and again this symbol of Christmas gave me some nice images. Coal,Great and Blue tits also visited and again I was rewarded with some nice portraits.

Some of my better shots are shown above..a couple of the marsh tit and robin and one each of a coal tit and blue tit.I hope you enjoy them,the robin is very much a bird in evidence at this time of the year and features on many Christmas cards. I have therefore headed this post with my own little Christmas Robin and wish all my followers a very happy Christmas. Thanks for looking.


  1. such sweet little birds, and perfect lighting! :)

  2. Best Wishes to you too Brian....can't wait to start seeing your 2012 photo results.

    My Regards