Friday, 18 November 2011

Seaside Spectacular

Blackpool is a well known seaside resort and is famous for it's entertainment at the Tower and other nearby attractions.What is not well known however is the wonderful and very entertaining display which is currently showing nightly at the North Pier. I am of course referring to the spectacular starling roost which is taking place every evening around 4pm.

It has been my good fortune to visit Blackpool on two occasions this week to observe and photograph this fabulous spectacle. On my first visit the weather was very nice with a lovely sunset to enhance the spectacle.On my second visit it was not sunny and a cold and raw wind made it unpleasant to stand around waiting for the action.The starlings however gave a wonderful display and on each visit they flew around the vicinity of the North Pier for around half an hour. I don't know how many starlings were present but my conservative estimate would be around seventy or eighty thousand ... maybe a lot more.

It was indeed a seaside spectacular and a privilege to watch.Shown above are a few of the many images I captured but it is not easy to convey in pictures alone what a wonderful experience it was to see this vast throng of starlings performing their aerial displays before going to roost amongst the buildings and structures of Blackpool's North Pier. Hope you enjoy the images I have shown and if any of my readers are able to visit Blackpool it is a spectacle not to be missed.


  1. Magnifique, cette migration!
    Il faut être là au bon moment, coucher de soleil et ... envol des oiseaux!

  2. Brian,you certainly picked the right afternoon to catch the action of these wonderful birds and you have done it brilliantly.See you soon.

  3. Brian, these images are wonderful. You've just inspired my wife and I to take a trip tomorrow afternoon. What an increbible spectacle on my doorstep! Thanks mate.

  4. It was indeed a fantastic spectacle Brian, illustrated here wonderfully by your photographs. It was nice to bump into you to share the experience.