Monday, 1 August 2011

Deer Watching

Last week I made a long overdue visit to Leighton Moss. I had heard that the red deer were showing well and so I arrived at the Griezdale Hide deep in the reed beds around mid afternoon. I could immediately see a number of deer both hinds and stags and all were lying down in the reeds and grass to shelter from the very warm afternoon sun. There was little activity until something spooked all the deer and I was treated to a magnificent sight as a number of stags charged across an open area and into the dense reedbeds in front of the hide. Needless to say I fired off a salvo of shots with the camera hoping to capture the fast moving action. The stags soon vanished into the reed beds and didn't reappear during my stay and so once again I had been in the right place at the right time and was pleased with the images I obtained.
The rest of my stay until early evening was spent watching the red deer hinds and their fawns which were feeding and showing well in an area to the west of the Griezdale Hide. It was a very pleasant scene as they chewed the cud and fed on the reeds and grasses close by. From time to time the fawns returned to their mothers for a feed , still dependent on mother's milk to help them through their early months of life in the reed beds of Leighton Moss. It had been a very interesting few hours spent at Leighton Moss and I returned home well pleased with the images I had managed to capture of these magnificent red deer.The stags in particular looked wonderful showing off their sets of antlers.These will be put to good use in combat in the months ahead when the reed beds at Leighton Moss resound to the sights and sounds of the annual rut. It was a privilege to witness and I hope I have managed to convey some of the excitement I experienced in my images shown above.


  1. Lovely set of images. The first shot is particularly fine.

  2. Sorry I could'nt be with you,looks like I missed a treat,another great set of images Brian. Love the first image he looks magnificent.

  3. Super account of your day Brian.The first shot of the stag is awesome!!Thanks for sharing

  4. These are absolutely stunning deer photographs Brian. I really love the 'running' ones - such marvellously captured action. Very beautiful indeed. I'd be printing those ones and hanging them on my wall.

  5. Hello Dude,

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