Sunday, 22 May 2011

More From The Coast

As promised in my last blog I am showing a few more of the many images I took on last week's visit to the Lancashire Coast at Southport. More waders from the big high tide roost and a couple of the Curlew Sandpiper which was present at the nearby RSPB Reserve at Marshside.
Nearly all of the birds shown will soon be departing for remote breeding grounds on the tundra of Arctic Russia and Greenland. The breeding season is short and takes advantage of twenty four hour daylight and abundant food supplies in the brief Arctic Summer.Most birds will probably be making their way south again in August after what is hopefully a good breeding season. I look forward to seeing them all once again on the Lancashire coastline.
The images shown above are from the top... two showing the curlew sandpiper going into it's summer breeding of two dunlin fattening up for the long journey...a mixed flock of dunlin sanderling and knot...three of grey plovers showing their spectacular black and white breeding plumage...and finally one of a posing ringed plover one of hundreds present at this spectacular roost.


  1. the curlews and black-bellies are my favorites! they're all wonderful. :)

  2. Another set of fantastic images mate,the Curlew Sandpiper is a crackin bird to photograph.I`m jealous!!!!

  3. Brilliant Brian well worth the time and effort

  4. Excellent once more Brian.

    I've always thought the Grey Plover should be called the 'Pied Plover' a beauty in summer plumage whatever it's name.

  5. Fantastic photos Brian. Those are some of if not the best shots I have seen of Curlew Sandpipers.