Saturday, 2 April 2011

Love Is In The Air

On the day the earth moved.. (there was a minor earthquake in the Blackpool area).. I visited a local Nature Reserve where the Great Crested Grebes have been showing well as they go about their courtship. It was a cool and windy day but this didn't deter the grebes as they went about their preparations for the forthcoming nesting season. I spent about four hours or so in a hide overlooking the nesting area and from time to time was rewarded with some intimate portraits of these very elegant and beautiful birds.
As usual I took many images and have selected a few above showing the action on and around the nest site. Also present were goldeneye and little grebe which may be the subject of a future posting. It was a privilege to witness these intimate moments and I will soon return to watch the progress of this beautiful pair of Great Crested Grebes.


  1. Wow. They were really showing off - glad you were able to capture them!

  2. Great to look in on your latest post with a lovely set of 'courtship' photographs of the GCG's. Good to speak to you recently too Brian.

  3. Really awesome series of these beautiful birds!

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