Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Waxwing Watching...Preston

The flock of waxwings has been present in the Euston Street area of Preston for maybe a couple of weeks now. It is a decent size flock and varies between forty  to well over one hundred birds at times. This has meant that local and not so local birdwatchers and photographers have been travelling to Preston to see and record the spectacle.
I too couldn't resist another afternoon session with these super birds which are a photographer's delight as they pose and perform for the camera. I make no excuse therefore for posting yet more waxwing images and also one showing some of the many watchers and photographers who have visited Preston to witness this infrequent occurrence.
This may not be the last time I post waxwing images as this Winter promises to be one of the best for seeing waxwings as there are many thousands of birds currently in the country and the supplies of berries should be sufficient following an excellent crop of fruits in the Autumn.


  1. Excellent series Brian.
    They are beautiful birds.

  2. I'm getting worried about you, first it's fishing, now your hooked - excuse the pun - on Waxwings.

    More excellent photographs Brian.

    My Regards

  3. Excellent again Brian. Not been down at lunch as got put off with lens envy hahaha

  4. Delightful images. We've had them in Euxton and Chorley recently.

  5. Hello friends,

    Waxwing are elegant-looking birds named for beads of shiny red material on the tips of the secondary wing feathers. All species are gray-brown, with tapering crest. It is 20 cm long and has yellow and white wing markings in addition to red. Thanks for sharing it!

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