Sunday, 18 July 2010

Songs Of Praise

As it is a Sunday and is currently very wet I am confined to barracks. It seemed appropriate therefore to sing the praises of one of my favourite parts of Bowland and a beautiful little church to be found there. The area in question is around the hamlet of Abbeystead and the church is Christ Church also known as "The Shepherds Church ". The church is situated in a very beautiful part of Bowland with gorgeous views from the churchyard out across the fields and hills of Bowland. It is known as the shepherd's church because at one time local shepherds used the church and hooks for them to hang their crooks on can still be seen in the church porch. There is also an appropriate inscription to be seen above the church lychgate which can be seen on one of my images.
The vicinity of the churchyard  is also well known amongst local birdwatchers as a regular spot to see spotted flycatchers and they were nesting in this area again this summer. Spotted flycatchers are delightful birds to observe and photograph as they go about their task of providing food for the young birds.Soon they will all be leaving for their African winter quarters. I paid them a brief visit before the current wet and windy weather arrived and managed one or two shots of these special little birds. I have shown the spotted flycatchers above and a few images of the  Shepherds Church and its peaceful and very beautiful surroundings.


  1. A positively brilliant post Brian and you know very well why.

    Excellent images of this equally excellent little 'flycatcher' and one so very close to my heart. I'm delighted you got to see this little critter before it departs once again.

    Wonderful....and you can tell how you stirred me with this can't you!

  2. Cracking shots of the Flycatcher Brian.

  3. Will your standards ever drop below 'excellent'.

    As always great stuff Brian.

  4. Great shots of the Spot Fly Brian. Works really well with that pale green background.