Monday, 5 April 2010

Hare We Go Again

Yesterday evening I returned to a local site where I had previously seen hares enjoying the evening sun. Yesterday (Easter Sunday) had been a lovely day with more very nice Spring sunshine so in the evening I returned to see if the hares would come out to play
They did indeed perform for the camera and at times I was treated to some high speed chases and boxing bouts. They were about seventy yards away but I did manage some reasonable shots of the action and again they were taken from the comfort of the car. It would have been nice for them to have been nearer but they are very wary and with their keen sense of hearing are quick to depart if they feel threatened.
It was an entertaining hour or so and on this occasion I shared the experience with Martin another enthusiastic local wildlife photographer. All too soon the light was fading fast and we departed having witnessed and enjoyed one of the countryside's wildlife spectaculars. A few of my better shots of the action are shown above and I look forward to a return visit when hopefully the hares may come a little closer.


  1. Ahhhh....Like me you're obviously spending some of the 'rainy day' time on your computer, but the sun shines now....well it did!

    Excellent images of the Bown Hares boxing and speed chasing.

    Best Wishes Brian.


  2. Great captures Brian. A real treat to see.