Monday, 29 March 2010

Return To Bowland

Last week owing to commitments and the weather I was unable to get out with the camera until late Friday. There were heavy showers as I left for a drive to the Bowland Fells. My target bird was the red grouse as hopefully they would be now active up on the moors. Thankfully the weather improved as I reached the high fells and a weak and watery sun attempted to shine. I stayed in the car as it would be a mobile hide as I cruised the moorland roads and lanes looking for birds within camera range.
It proved to be a productive session as some of the species which come to these high meadows and fells had returned to their favoured breeding areas. I was able to obtain some nice images of curlew, lapwing and oystercatcher. The red grouse proved more difficult to find but eventually I found a very obliging cock bird feeding very close to the road which allowed me to fire off a volley of close range shots before departing.
The highlight of the day however was the sighting of a barn owl hunting along the road verge on the homeward journey. As I stopped the car it perched briefly on a road side fence post. However on this occasion I was unable to obtain any images before it departed. I did however make a careful note of the area and I will of course be returning to hopefully have some close encounters with what is one of my favourite birds.
I have posted a few images from the trip showing curlew,lapwing, oystercatcher and of course the splendid red grouse as he posed at the side of the road.  


  1. Good to see you 'back on the road' Brian, it goes without saying excellent pics as ever.

    Hope we are going to have a day or two together somewhere like this in the coming summer months.



  2. Superb Red Grouse portraits Brian. Love the Curlew too.

  3. Delightful grouse images - and certainly not the easiest species to spot.