Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just A Few More..Hunting Barn Owl

Couldn't resist  posting just a few more images from my recent visits to observe and photograph a local barn owl. The owl was hunting mid afternoon in good light and I was able to obtain some nicely lit shots of it hunting over one of it's favourite patches of rough grassland.
I do seem to be obsessed at the moment with the barn owl but it is such a magnificent bird to watch that I don't want to waste any opportunities to obtain more images. Therefore I will probably be posting more next week as the weather seems set to stay cold and bright. When Spring hopefully arrives and things warm up, I will move on and I look forward to the arrival of the early migrants.


  1. Very much like the first image Brian!
    Hope I can manage some half as good and I`ll be well happy!

  2. Wow, those are amazing shots! I love the first one the best!

  3. These are always welcome. They are superb.

  4. Superb set Brian. The lighting perfect.
    First shot is a belter!

  5. Beautiful shots, I don't blame you being obsessed with Barn Owls, they are such lovely subjects to photograph.