Friday, 22 January 2010

A Welcome Return

It had been another frustrating week when I hadn't got out to do any serious bird photography. The weather was still very cool and it has been depressingly dull and I couldn't work up much enthusiasm for a trip out.
I have managed to photograph some birds today in the back garden two of which haven't been seen for some time and it was good to see them back again. The jay suddenly appeared and I had to quickly put peanuts out for it as they had all been taken by a visiting grey squirrel. My next visitor was a goldcrest, a bird I hadn't seen for a few months and I was sure it had probably fallen victim to the recent wintry weather. Somehow it had managed to survive and it was busily searching for food in one of my conifers.
I have never had much luck photographing goldcrests, they are so active that it is almost impossible to get a decent shot and they always seem to turn up when the light is poor. So it was today when I spotted it, it was extremely gloomy and the few images I did manage are very grainy. However it was heartwarming to see it back in the garden and hopefully it's next visit will be in much more favourable conditions for some better images. My best efforts are shown above.


  1. Hello Brian,great to see some more images from your garden especially the tiny Goldcrest!They are indeed very difficult to photograph!They are extremely thin on the ground at the moment,let`s hope a few more make it through!!!!!!!!

  2. Great to see you at least got your camera out to photograph these two beauties in your garden Brian, the Goldcrest being amongst the more difficult of birds to achieve a decent shot of....well done as ever.

    By the way I don't think I ever told you regarding photography/the photographer - as if you would need me to - you're only as good as your last image Brian but we all know you can keep up the good work.

  3. Despite the poor light, you still managed to get some good images of the Goldcrest. It is heartwarming to see the Goldcrest, I have not seen one since last winter.

  4. Wish I knew where your garden is! As always, F A B.
    Gives me hope... thought it was just me who couldn't get a decent shot, now I know poor light doesn't help. Hope for all of us. Goldcrests few and far between... saw one about five years ago!

  5. Yeah Goldcrests are tricky, you did pretty well there though...........

  6. We had 3 jays in the garden today - the be because of the snow.
    Sadly no goldcrest this winter - one of the casualties of the poor summer perhaps?