Thursday, 10 September 2009

Wader Watching..... Southport

This week I have returned to the Lancashire Coast at Southport to do some more wader watching and photography. The tides were quite high and peaked early afternoon allowing plenty of time to make my way out onto the beach and await the arrival of the waders. On my first visit I found good numbers and variety of waders roosting but was not able to approach closely. There were groups of Knot,Bar Tailed Godwits,Grey Plover and small parties of dunlin and sanderling. The sanderling did allow a close approach and on my second visit of the week I was to enjoy a wonderful session with them which will be the subject of my next posting. The weather this week has at last settled down thanks to a large high pressure system firmly anchored over the British Isles. This provided ideal conditions for photography and some of my efforts are shown above. The images show juvenile and adult ringed plover,a fly past of oystercatchers, roosting knot, and finally a feeding party of sanderling.


  1. Cracking set Brian. Glad you did the ID for us, I'm not the best with waders. lol
    The Ringed Plovers are beauties.

  2. Now this is what I aspire to, absolutely superb.

  3. Great collection of images Brian, especially the Ringed Plovers.