Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Catchers and Rabbits

I had decided with the improving weather on Monday p.m. to pay another visit to see the very obliging spotted flycatcher which had shown well on my last visit to the area near Abbeystead  in the Trough of Bowland. On the way there I was amazed by the huge numbers of rabbits that seemed to be everywhere in the roadside fields, they were mostly young ones and it had obviously been an excellent breeding season The fields too looked well, coloured yellow by a good crop of buttercups and adding to the splendid Bowland scenery.
The first catcher I saw was an Oystercatcher looking very colourful on guard duty close to his nest in one of the hillside pastures.  Not long after I had a glimpse of my second catcher as he flew away from his favourite little hunting spot. I needn't have worried however as the spotted flycatcher duly returned on and off for the next hour or so giving me ample opportunities to add more images of this delightful bird to my collection. By now the very warm weather was returning and I decided to head for home after yet another memorable afternoon in this delightful area of Lancashire. The images show the flycatcher and the oystercatcher, one of the hundreds of rabbits I saw and a general view of the upland pastures looking to the fells of Bowland.

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  1. That Spotted Flycatcher certainly posed well for you Brian.