Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Coastal Beauties

 The weather recently has been awful with many wet and gloomy days.Not conducive at all to getting out with the camera.There were some drier and brighter spells and I made a few trips to my current hunting ground around Cockerham and Pilling.This time I have been concentrating on the smaller birds and have had some nice sightings.

A few snow buntings turned up at Fleetwood and Cockerham and I was determined to get some images.I did eventually photograph the snow buntings at Cockerham Abbey but my timing was not good and it took a few attempts to get them.On one of the Cockerham trips I managed a shot of the Black Redstart that passed through Cockerham Sands country park one of a few present along the coast.Two of the snow bunting images are from last year at Fleetwood and Rossall.Whilst at Rossall this year a pair of Stonechats posed for me alongside Fleetwood Golf Course.

Probably my best sighting has been a female merlin perching on a fence post at Lytham Moss where I had gone to see a flock of pinkfoot geese.I thought it was a kestrel but later at home on the computer saw that it was definitely a merlin.Not an easy bird to photograph so I was very pleased to have captured this smart little raptor.Currently the weather has settled down with a frosty start to December so I am looking forward to going out as Coronavirus lockdown ends tomorrow.Thanks for looking in and stay safe and well in these difficult times


  1. Hello Brian, such a adorable bird the Snow bunting. Mostly seen allong the coast. Love it.

  2. Of course the Stonechat images are excellent Brian, but also the Black Redstart and Merlin run a very close second/third. The chances of a repeat pose by a Merlin must be virtually nil, the bird is almost certainly looking you in the eye Brian.

    Take Care.



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